HiDef Audio and Video Sales and Installation
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HiDEF Services

Dedicated Theater


Designed for the optimum theater experience, dedicated theater rooms are constructed for the best possible sound and picture quality. The color palette will be dark, with a non-reflective surface.
The seating is stadium style, rows of seats on risers. Video is produced by a front projection system with a large screen. The walls contain acoustical panels to make your movie experience more realistic. Dialog is crisp and clear, surround sound envelops you.
Dim the lights, make the room cooler, incorporate your music server to a network, start the movie- all without leaving your seat. The system is controlled by a touch- screen remote or system controller, for ease of operation.

Media Room


The media room shares many of the dedicated theater’s features, but is used in a more multi-purpose fashion. Often part of a larger room, or installed in an existing room, it is not as closed off as a dedicated theater. Seating is still on two levels, but in a more cozy setting, with a couch in front rather than theater chairs, and the back row of seats are often bar stools behind a counter. This provides the effect of a riser without creating steps.
Video is produced by a front projection system with a large screen, or a plasma screen television. And your audio comes from high-quality speakers placed all the way around the seating area, while incorporating your music server to a network. As in a dedicated theater, you can control your video, audio and lights with a touch-screen remote.

Bedrooms, Bathrooms
and more


Preparing a salad while catching up on the news, or watching your soaps while taking a bubble bath, we can install plasma screens and speakers anywhere. For your bedroom, choose a plasma or a roll-away screen, whichever suits your taste. And for the kids rooms or playroom? Not only will we install plasmas, but also game ports for seamless integration of all their video games


Home Automation &
Computer Networking


Imagine being able to control the temperature in the master bedroom from the patio, or programming music to shower by. Home automation networking makes it all possible. By wiring your home for distributed audio and video, you can also control lighting, HVAC, and security, from one master touch screen or remote. You can even operate every zone of heating and air conditioning, or check the temperature outside.
Home automation networking and multi-room audio and video systems have endless possibilities and can be as basic or elaborate as you prefer. Not only does smart automation for home give you the added peace of mind of being able to monitor and secure your entire house and property, it also dramatically adds to the value of your home.
HiDEF can also meet all your computer needs. Our staff are computer experts, and can install and maintain your system, providing networking, virus protection, software updates, transferring your music server to a network, and more.


Outdoor Environments


Bring your indoor lifestyle outdoors. We’ll make it easy. Watch the playoffs on a plasma flat screen television set up by the pool, listen to jazz from speakers hidden in rocks. Waterproof lighting makes for a romantic night by the Jacuzzi. You can even add home automation networking and 24/7 surveillance cameras and recorders for added peace of mind. We’ll review your architecture, landscaping, weather concerns, even topographical issues, before we design a system that will fit perfectly on your property


HiDef Audio and Video Sales and Installation

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