HiDef Audio and Video Sales and Installation
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Dedicated Home Theater

A dedicated home theater, or media room is focused solely on the viewing experience. The room may be equipped with theatre seats, a popcorn machine, and even a marquee. Usually there are no windows, so light control is not a problem. The screen is generally left in position, so a fixed front projection screen, or a rear screen is ideal. For Dedicated Home Theatre rooms consider appearance, functionality and cost.

  • With a Fixed Screen, also referred to as a permanently tensioned screen, the surface of the screen is a flexible, unsupported vinyl surface that is stretched flat yielding undistorted picture quality.
  • A Rear Projection Screen where your projector sits behind the screen provides the best picture especially if there is concern with ambient light.
  • A Motorized or Electric Projection Screen is conveniently operated by remote control or wall switch
  • A Manual Screen may be less expensive, but has a limited selection. It is the easiest to install though, as no electrician is required.

For total flexibility try Multiple Screen Formats. The Access/MultiView is perfect. It contains a standard viewing surface in HDTV, WideScreen or Cinemascope format, and masking on an independently motorized roller to reduce the screen to standard HDTV or NTSC video formats.

HiDef Audio and Video Sales and Installation

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